KSGFOA Membership

    How to join:

  1. Click here to register online.
  2. To register via mail click here to download the KSGFOA Membership Application. Mail completed form with payment to:
    Wichita State University
    Public Policy & Management Center (Box 211)
    Attn: KSGFOA
    1845 Fairmount
    Wichita, KS. 67260

  3. Who can join?

    KSGFOA membership is open to accounting, financial or administrative officials (elected or appointed) of governmental entities or universities. Associate memberships and student memberships are also available. See the Membership section for full details of membership and an application to join.

    Full membership is open to accounting, financial or administrative officials (elected or appointed) whose duties encompass significant responsibilities for accounting or financial systems, from all units of government in Kansas: State, County, School (including Colleges and Universities), City, and Special Districts as voting members with full privileges. Individuals holding teaching positions in Government Finance or Accounting at accredited Colleges or Universities may also become full members.
    The full membership fee is $75.00 annually. Membership is based on a calendar year runs January 1 through December 31.

    Associate Membership is available to those not eligible to be a full member, but who are interested in the principles and practices of government finance. Associate members do not have voting privileges and may not serve on the Board of Directors. The annual fee is $300.00 and includes membership for 3 named individuals and membership in any substate chapters of KSGFOA.

    Student memberships are available for those individuals enrolled full time at an accredited academic institution and pursuing a course of Study in governmental finance or accounting. Student memberships are $5.00 per year.

    Retiree membership is open to those who have retired from public finance roles but want to stay engaged with the association. Retiree memberships are $25.00 annually.

    Membership Access:

    KSGFOA members receive access to an exclusive, searchable listserv. 
    The Board encourages you to use it to send out questions or information to your KSGFOA peers to gain insight on topics you need assistance with.  If you are new and curious on how to use the list serve please see the information below.  I you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Morgan Barnes 

    To send an email to the list serve:  

    1. Send to this email address: KSGFOA-L@LISTSERV.WICHITA.EDU
    2. Once you send your email you will receive a confirmation email. The attached email will allow you to proof the message.
    3. To confirm and finalize sending your message you must:
      • Click the link which will automatically approve and send your message
        • Upon clicking the link, your computer will take you to a page that verifies your message was successfully approved and sent.
    4. Once you have approved via the link or by replying “OK”, your message will go out and you will receive a confirmation advising, “ Your message dated Wed, 13 Dec 2017 19:09:14 +0000 with subject "test 2" has been successfully distributed to the KSGFOA-L list (190 recipients).
    5. To respond to questions when you receive an email from the listserv hit reply and you will automatically receive the same series of emails above, requiring you to proof your message and approve it prior to fully sending out to the group. The follow-up emails are a security measure to ensure that emails being sent and received are actually from trusted sources.

To search the listserv:  

  1. Login to the listserv homepage here.

  2. Recent messages are displayed on your dashboard

  3. Right side of the dashboard a search option is available.