Who Are Our Members?

KSGFOA members include elected and appointed accounting, financial and administrative officials from all types of governmental unites in Kansas. Members’ duties must encompass significant responsibilities for accounting or financial systems, but may include State, County, School and Special District professionals, as well as individuals who teach Government Finance or Accounting at accredited colleges or universities.

KSGFOA also has made associate, student, and retiree memberships available. Please visit our membership registration page for rates.

Joining is easy

Purchase your membership online here. Please select the membership link on the product page, add your membership to the cart and then select your membership type from the options within the membership form.

To register via mail, click here to download the KSGFOA Membership Application. Mail completed form with payment to:

Wichita State University
Public Policy & Management Center (Box 211)
1845 Fairmount
Wichita, KS. 67260

$75 annually

Full membership

Open to accounting, financial or administrative officials (elected or appointed) whose duties encompass significant responsibilities for accounting or financial systems, from all units of government in Kansas: State, County, School (including Colleges and Universities), City, and Special Districts as voting members with full privileges. Individuals holding teaching positions in Government Finance or Accounting at accredited Colleges or Universities may also become full members.

$75 annually
$300 annually

Associate membership

Available to individuals interested in the principles and practices of government finance. Associate members do not have voting privileges and may not serve on the Board of Directors. The annual fee includes membership for 3 named individuals.

$300 annually
$25 annually

Retiree membership

Open to those who have retired from public finance roles but want to stay engaged with the association.

$25 annually
$5 annually

Student memberships

Available for those individuals enrolled full time at an accredited academic institution and pursuing a course of Study in governmental finance or accounting.

$5 annually


KSGFOA members receive access to an exclusive, searchable listserv.
The Board encourages you to use it to send out questions or information to your KSGFOA peers to gain insight on topics you need assistance with. For instructions on how to send an e-mail to the listserv, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact paula.downs@wichita.edu.  In addition, members will receive:

  • Discounts to attend annual conference, spring symposium and training opportunities

  • Access to post jobs on the KSGFOA website

  • Access to Resources, information, and links

  • Opportunity to receive a GFOA CPFO training scholarship

Annual Membership Business Meeting

Each year during the KSGFOA Annual Conference, the membership comes together to have its annual business meeting.  Members are provided an agenda and supporting documents to discuss and take action on.

Membership Organizations- 2023

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